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Term 1

This term, Alder Class will be learning about the legacy of the people who lived during the Stone Age. They will be learning about:

- the changing shape of the world owing to continental shift


- who Lucy and Otzi were

- what the Fertile Crescent was like

- why our ancestors finally evolved from scavengers into settlers

- Skara Brae and what it can tell us about how our Stone Age ancestors lived

- local landmarks originating in the Stone Age Period

- the legacy of farming and settling from our Stone Age Ancestors.


We will then move on to asking the question 'What are the best bits of our local area?' which is a geography based topic. We will be learning how to use different maps for different purposes, thinking about the location of Stonehenge in comparison to DAPS and learning more about the physical features of West Lavington and Market Lavington and how they have changed over time. 


Please feel free to look at what we are learning in more depth by checking out our link to the Knowledge Organisers below. You can also look at what we are doing in other subjects by clicking on the topic web link below.