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Helping Our School

Help Our School

With each passing year, funding for schools has stagnated or decreased while the cost of everything has increased. At Dauntsey Academy Primary School we have always aimed to provide the best quality education money can buy and we are fortunate that we have such an established, hard-working and dedicated team. We have also maintained the principles of best value and best practise when it comes to resources and facility management. Traditionally the school has mainly fundraised through POD (People Of Daps), but in this current economic climate we must reach out to the wider community for support. As a registered charity there are various options for supporting and donations by individuals are tax free – this is called tax relief. How this works depends on whether you donate:

  1. through Gift Aid (

  2. straight from your wages or pension (

  3. land, property or shares (

  4. in your will (

  5. This also applies to sole traders and partnerships. There are different rules for limited companies (


All you need to do is to decide how much you would like to donate and how often using the form below. Forward it to your bank and complete a Gift Aid form. You can of course contribute by cash and we will endeavour to collect Gift Aid on these contributions too, providing you keep a personal record of your annual donations. If you pay tax at 40%, you can claim back extra tax relief.


Remember: Sign up for Gift Aid and your future donations will be increased by the IRS – for every £1 you give, our school could receive £1.25 at no extra cost to you. Please follow the link to download a form from our website.

Gift Aid Forms