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Curriculum and Assessment

At Dauntsey Academy Primary School (DAPS), we offer a broad and balanced curriculum which is created from a variety of sources including The National Curriculum, The International Primary Curriculum (IPC) and Discovery RE. We believe that the children should be at the centre of all we do here and as such, we believe the curriculum should be exciting, interesting as well as engaging and support the children to become well rounded, life long learners.


We use The National Curriculum to support the planning and teaching of Mathematics and English. Please click on the links below to see subject specific descriptors as well as a link to our Calculation Progression which illustrates the order in which the children learn calculation methods:

English Key Stage One and Two

Mathematics Key Stage One and Two

White Rose Hub Calculation Policy used for teaching four operations progression at DAPS

Picture 1 Using ICT to support learning
Picture 2 Teaching each other new skills in Brainwave
Picture 3 Building the human digestive system
Picture 4 Making Roman Pancakes and eating them!

The IPC is a comprehensive, thematic, creative curriculum for 3-12 year olds, with a clear process of learning and with specific learning goals for every subject, for international mindedness and for personal learning. It has been designed to ensure rigorous learning but also to help teachers make all learning exciting, active and meaningful for children. Learning with the IPC takes a global approach helping children to connect their learning to where they are living now as well as looking at the learning from the perspective of other people in other countries.


To ensure the children have the opportunity to develop a love for learning and the skills to become lifelong learners, we promote the use of eight different Personal Goals throughout all aspects of daily school life. These are called Enquiry, Adaptability, Resilience, Morality, Communication, Thoughtfulness, Co-operation and Respect. (For a more in depth look at what each of the goals entail, click on the link below.) In order to know how you can support your children with their learning at home, please have a look at the three IPC documents below.

Picture 1 Outdoor collage making in Alder and Hazel
Picture 2 Adding our own ideas to Personal Goals Display
Picture 3 Sharing our wonderful learning in Brainwave
Picture 4 Sharing our learning with Mrs Winbolt
Picture 5 Learning how to filter dirty water
Picture 6 Map work based on our school grounds

Each year, all classes produce a Route Planner which allows us to track the coverage of all subjects, ensuring we provide a well balanced curriculum. See the link below for individual route planners and for further information on termly learning please see individual class pages.

To support the teaching and planning of RE, we use Discovery RE which is an enquiry –based approach to Religious Education for primary children of all ages. It is a progressive scheme that is broken into four steps; Engagement, Investigation, Evaluation and Expression. Through the enquiry based approach, children not only gain knowledge and understanding of a variety of world religions, but also develop an understanding of how beliefs impact on daily lives.


French is taught by a specialist French Teacher weekly in all classes and is based on the National Curriculum Guidance for Foreign Languages. As the children develop their French skills at DAPs, we see progression in speaking, reading and writing each of which are developed through a series of topics such as families, school life and the home. In addition to this, the children learn about the culture, customs and festivals of France.

Picture 1 French resources in our Reading Room
Picture 2 Display to support the learning of French

Here at DAPS we enjoy our Physical Education. As well as teaching PE in house, we also have strong PE links with both Dauntseys’ School and Lavington School. Our Year 6 Class enjoys a weekly PE lesson with PE coaches from Dauntseys’ School, developing and applying their hockey skills. In addition to this, Dauntseys host our swimming lessons (each class enjoys a term of swimming) and our annual Swimming Gala. Through our links with Lavington School, we welcome a PE coach to work with each class for a term. We also take the opportunity to participate in many sports festivals hosted by Lavington throughout the year and attend festivals organised by schools and clubs in Devizes.


Our after school and lunchtime sports opportunities include a variety of clubs hosted by Active Trowbridge in addition to Netball Club, Running Club, Football Club, Cheerleading Club and Change for Life which are led by members of staff.

Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3
Picture 4

Music is at the heart of our school here at DAPS for adults and children alike. We offer a variety of peripatetic music lessons including Woodwind, Brass, Strings, Piano and Guitar. In order to provide all children with the opportunity to learn an instrument during their time here, they to learn to play the ukulele when they are in Year 3. This year, we are introducing our very own school orchestra which will give all children who play an instrument the chance to play in an ensemble.


In addition to the instrumental opportunities, we also have a weekly singing assembly, a Musicals Club in which the children learn songs and dances from the musicals and a school choir. The hugely popular and thriving choir has participated in Young Voices Concerts at London’s O2 Arena along with thousands of other young singers for several years in a row. Not only this, they have performed in the The Rotary Club, Wiltshire Super choir, in a variety of concerts and carol singing within the local community. Staff members have been so inspired by what they have seen the children do in their choir that they have even created their own Staff Choir as well that often performs on special occasions within the school calendar.


To bring both the instrumental and singing groups together, we hold a Summer Musical Recital in which all of our musical groups, school choir and staff choir share their love of music with parents and other family members.

DAPS is situated in the beautiful village of West Lavington which has a rich history and provides stimulus for educational walks. The school building itself is surrounded by stunning views of the local countryside and boasts superb grounds that include a sports field, three playgrounds, an outdoor adventure trail, school garden and wooded area which is used for weekly Forest School Lessons. Each class has one timetabled lesson of Forest School a week during which the children learn about nature, team work, communication and tool work. For more information about what we do in Forest School, please click on the link below to view our Forest School Handbook.



Picture 1 Learning how to cook Forest School style
Picture 2 Creating big Art in the woods
Picture 3 The beginnings of a Roman Road
Picture 4 Miss Scott adding the 'cement' to the Roman Road
Picture 5 Planning how to make wooden brainteasers
Picture 6 Using the outdoors as inspiration for poetry

To supplement the learning that takes place within the classroom, we provide trips in to the local area, making good use of spots such as Strawberry Hill, The Village of West Lavington and a’Beckett’s Vineyard. Depending on the IPC Unit the children are learning, they often enjoy going on a trip further afield or they have visitors to support their understanding. We are lucky to be able to host a variety of visitors from our own school community as well as visitors from charities, local and national companies, drama groups and workshops.

Picture 1 Breaktime and story time on Strawberry Hill
Picture 2 'Highway Men' waiting to pounce on poor adults!
Picture 3 A visit from PC Butcher
Picture 4 Bex Okotel visits from Child of Hope School Uganda
Picture 5 Mrs Smith visits from Wessex Water
Picture 6 A talk about Water Survival Boxes

When the children become a member of Year 4, they have the opportunity to go on a two night residential trip to Hooke Court in Wales where they get to enjoy a range of outdoor activities such as cliff walking, rock pooling, orienteering and much, much more! In year 5, the children take over the school for a night and have a sleepover. This year, our Year 6 Class are going on a week’s residential trip to Bideford where they will be participating in a variety of indoor, land and water activities that include an assault course, surfing, coastal walk to name but a few!

Picture 1 Enjoying a beach campfire
Picture 2 Uh oh! We found the toilet!
Picture 3 Rockpooling in Wales
Picture 4 Learning the history of the local castle.

Now that you have had the opportunity to read about the learning we do here at DAPS, you might feel you want to come at take a look first hand. We welcome visitors to our school community, so if you would like to book a visit, you can find the contact details on the ‘About Us’ tab at the top of our website.