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What will your child need?

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Reading book

Phonics books will be changed on Mondays. Sharing books can be changed on any day.

PE kit
Forest School kit

Forest school takes place every other week. Please look out for the Seesaw message to tell you when it is.

Water Bottles Children should only have water in their bottles – no juice, squash or fizzy. Water bottles should be taken home daily to be washed out and re-filled.
Mid-morning snack Morning snacks are provided by the school.

Communication & permissions


Please make sure you are signed up to Seesaw. If you are not yet signed up, please contact the school office. We use Seesaw as a communication tool and digital portfolio that allows you to have a personalised window into your child’s time at school. The class teacher and your child can document any learning so that it can be shared, supported and celebrated.

Permissions Please ensure you have informed the Admin team if you do not wish your child to appear in photographs on our website or one our school Facebook page.


Please try to read with your child five times a week. This will support our learning at school and really make a difference to their progress. The children receive a sticker in their Home Academy book on a Friday if they have done this! 

Recommended Reads

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Continuous Provision

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Willow Class Learning Journey - Term 1

In term 1 we will be finding out about the Magna Carta and answering the question, 'What was the Magna Carta and what impact did it have on our society?' We will also be finding out the answer to 'Where in the World is the UK?'

Willow Learning Web Term 1 >>

Magna Carta Knowledge Organiser >> 

United Kingdom Knowledge Organiser >>

 Willow Class Learning Journey - Term 2

In term 2 we will be finding out about animals, including humans and answering the question 'How can animals be grouped and classified?' We will also be working hard to make some moving pictures in design and technology, answering the question 'How can I make my picture move?'

Willow Learning Web Term 2 >> 

Animal Knowledge Organiser >>

Levers and Sliders Knowledge Organiser >>

Willow Class Learning Journey - Term 3

Our topics this term are Materials in Science and Colour in Art. We will be answering these questions - How can materials be grouped by their properties? How does Hundertwasser use colour in his work?

Willow Learning Web Term 3 >>

Materials Knowledge Organiser >>

Art Knowledge Organiser >>

Willow Class Learning Journey - Term 4

We will be learning about history and geography this term. We will be answering these questions: Who was John Rennie and what was his legacy? Where is our school and what is the area like?

Willow Learning Web Term 4 >>

History Knowledge Organiser >>

Geography Knowledge Organiser >> 

Willow Class Learning Journey - Term 5

In Art we will be answering this question - How does Lowry represent landscapes and figures? We will draw landscapes and figures inspired by Lowry's technique. In Design and Technology we will be answering this question - How can I make my structure stable? We will design and make our own stable structure for a story book character.

Willow Learning Web Term 5 >>

Art Knowledge Organiser >>

Design Technology Knowledge Organiser >>

Willow Class Learning Journey - Term 6

In Science we will be answering this question - Which plants are growing in our local environment? We will learn the names of plants, including trees in our local environment and carry out our own investigations. In Art we will be answering this question - How can use clay to make a sculpture? We will be designing and making our own clay sculptures.

Willow Learning Web Term 6>>

Plants Knowledge Organiser >>

Sculpture Knowledge Organiser >>