Dauntsey Academy Primary School


POD is the DAPS PTA group and we aim to enrich the school lives of all the pupils at DAPS.

This is mostly achieved through raising crucial funds for the school to use to enhance the educational offering they can provide to all the pupils. Whether that be paying for in-class IT equipment & iPads, an animal enclosure for the school's growing brood of beloved pets, buying supplies for all the classrooms or treating every child to a leaver's hoody, the funds are used to enhance every child’s school life during their time at DAPS.

In addition, we provide experiences for the pupils that help them learn and grow. Those experiences may be the opportunity to choose their loved ones a Christmas present from the Secrets Room, make a gift for Mother's Day, push themselves to run further than they thought possible in the Bunny Hop, express themselves in their craziest outfits at YES day or simply learn the moves to the Macarena at the School Disco - these are all experiences that POD provide to help the wonderful pupils at DAPS grow.

School life wouldn’t be the same without the hard work of the POD team but we are just a handful of people and we need help to continue. If you can spare some time to get involved, whether that be to help run an event with some of the existing team, start a new event or simply pour squash at the next disco, please email us at daps.pod@gmail.com, message on Facebook @PeopleofDAPS or find us on the school run.

Thanks for listening and your ongoing support in all the fundraising we do!

Every penny goes to providing a great environment for all the DAPS pupils so THANK YOU for your support.


POD Upcoming Events


Mother's Day Craft Workshop - 6th March 2024

Family Easter Bingo - 22nd March 2024

Leap Frog Sponsored Run - 19th April 2024

POD Fundraising Highlights and Past Events

Amounts raised in the financial year ending 31st March 2023: £7072.

Amount just a few of our latest events raised:

  • Wreath Making evening raised £1793
  • Christmas Festive Friday raised £873
  • Easter Bingo raised £441
  • Great DAPS Bunny Hop raised over £4,036







POD Documents

Meeting Minutes 15th January 2024

Meeting minutes 18 September 2023

Purpose of POD document 18 September 2023

AGM minutes 26th June 2023