Dauntsey Academy Primary School


Our intent at Dauntsey Academy Primary School is:

For our pupils to have an enquiring mind, developing a thirst for knowledge and a lifelong love of learning.

To deliver a curriculum built on strong principles, with every pupil encouraged to aspire to be the very best version of themselves.

To offer an immersive and diverse curriculum which provides a range and depth of experiences and opportunities that allows all pupils to develop and embrace their uniqueness.

For our pupils to achieve academically, across the entire curriculum, exceeding the national expected standard by the end of their primary education.

For our pupils to have informed opinions and communicate clearly in a confident and eloquent manner suited to a variety of audiences.

To promote kindness; with our pupils showing empathy and compassion whilst valuing diversity.

To instil a deep rooted appreciation of the natural world and a passion for protecting the environment around us.

For our pupils to be active and skilful in sport, become valuable team members or leaders in sport. Our pupils will understand the benefit of exercise to their health and well-being.

For our pupils to have aspirations for their future success, recognising their contribution to the community and the wider world.

For our pupils to be well prepared for the challenges of the secondary school curriculum.