Dauntsey Academy Primary School

Birch Class (Year 2)

Birch Class Reminders

  • Forest school is on Tuesday
  • PE is on Friday
  • Swimming is on Wednesday during Spring term, please let us know if you are able to volunteer. 
  • Homework will be set via Seesaw on Friday and should be completed and returned via Seesaw by the following Wednesday
  • Our spelling dictation is on Monday
  • Reading Records are collected in on Monday to check for 5 reads. Your child will get a stamp if they have completed 5 or more reads in the week.

Birch Class Learning Journey - Term 1

 In Term 1 we will be focusing on History and Geography.

We begin this term with History, learning about the Great Fire of London. We will discover how the fire started and what life was like in 1666. We will look at the design of the houses and the way in which these helped the fire to spread. The children will learn how buildings changed because of this and the way in which the fire service has evolved.

In Geography we will be looking at Kenya and what it is like to live there. We will investigate the physical and human features of Kenya and compare this with Wiltshire. The children will use an atlas to find the UK and Kenya.

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Birch Class Learning Journey - Term 2

In Term 2 we will be focusing on Science and Design Technology.

In Science we will be looking at the uses of different materials. We will be finding out how shapes of solid objects made from some materials can be changed by squashing, bending, twisting and stretching. We will identify and compare this suitability of a variety of everyday materials.

In Design Technology we will be looking at different stitches for sewing. We will design and sew our own Christmas tree decoration.

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Birch Class Learning Journey - Term 3

In Term 3 we will be focusing on Science and Art.

In Science we will be looking at animals including humans. We will be investigating the life cycles of animals, including humans and how offspring develop into adults. As we learn about animals, including humans, we will establish the basic needs of water, air and food for survival. Finally, we will recognize the importance of exercise, a healthy and balanced diet and hygiene for humans.

In Art we will be studying methods of collage, looking at the work of Megan Coyle and how she uses collage to create animals. 

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Birch Class Learning Journey - Term 4

 In Term 4 we will begin by learning about Isambard Kingdom Brunel. We will be investigating the life of Isambard Kingdom Brunel and his work as an engineer. Brunel was an inventor, a designer and engineer who built not just bridges or tunnels or ships but all three! In Victorian England he created structures and vehicles which to others seemed impossible. Chances are, at some time you have traveled through a tunnel or crossed a bridge which Brunel built.

For the second part of the term, we will be thinking about the key features of the continents. We will look at maps of the earth and label the continents and oceans, learning about their key features as we go. We will see if we can find Sunny on the map based on the clues he gives and practise being explorers like Sunny by learning about how to read a map and use compass points.

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Birch Class Learning Journey - Term 5

How do we plan and prepare healthy meals? In Design Technology will be recapping the different food groups and how to eat a balanced diet. We will look at pizzas and learn where they originate from. We will look at how to plan a pizza and practise preparing food.

How did Arcimboldi use natural materials to create his art? In Art we will look at work by Arcimboldi and discuss how he has created his art pieces. We will practise drawing fruit and vegetables and look at the colour he uses to paint his pictures. By arranging fruit and vegetables we will recreate our own faces. 

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Birch Class Learning Journey - Term 6

At the beginning of term 6 we will be focusing on Science. We will explore and compare the difference between things that are living, dead and things that have never been alive. We will learn about habitats and how living things are suited to their habitat and that they are dependent on one another. We will look at food chains and the relationship between different living things.

After that we will be focusing on Digital Art. We will look at famous photographers and the different aspects we can use when taking photos of nature.

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Recommended Reads

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