Dauntsey Academy Primary School

Alder Class (Year 3)

Alder Class Reminders

Children must read as much as possible at home. As you can imagine, this will not only support them in their progression but enrich their self-esteem which is vital to positive learning. Please remind the children to bring their reading log in each Monday so I can give them their stickers for 5 reads. Please practice times tables every week. Times tables underpin a child's ability to develop mathematically in all areas. 

Spelling dictations will happen every Thursday so please ensure your child knows their spelling. 

Swimming is on Wednesday for Term 1 and Term 2. There will be no Forest School this term.

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Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 1

This term, Alder Class will be learning about the legacy of the people who lived during the Stone Age.

We will also be asking the question 'What are the best bits of our local area?' which is a geography based topic. We will be learning how to use different maps for different purposes, thinking about the location of Stonehenge in comparison to DAPS and learning more about the physical features of West Lavington and Market Lavington and how they have changed over time.  

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Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 2

We will be beginning the term by completing our local geography topic before moving on to our science topic, 'Forces and Magnetism'. We will be carrying out a variety of experiments, learning how to gather data and share it in different ways as well as learning how to interpret their findings to draw scientific conclusions. 

During the second part of the term, we will shift our focus to design technology in which we will be learning how to build mechanical devices with levers and linkages. We will then use these skills to make our own Christmas themed games. 

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Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 3

This term, we begin our topic learning with a topic called Lights. We will be carrying out several different science investigations to help us understand how light helps us to see, learn how shadows are created and will also learn about Thomas Edison and his invention of the light bulb.

For the second part of the term, we are doing a short art and music topic. We will be studying the art work of Georgia O'Keeffe and the music of George Gershwin. We will be making comparisons between them and then thinking about how we can combine their work together to create our own master pieces. 

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Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 4

This term, we are going to be learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. We will be learning about key dates, where Egypt is and what it was like to be alive in Ancient Egypt as well as finding out about artefacts and a key archaeologist. We shall also be having an Egyptian themed day as well which will include a virtual trip to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. 

During the second part of the term, we are going to be asking the question, 'What is it like to live in France?' We will be learning about French language, daily life, culture, geographical features and about the town in France that West Lavington is twinned with. 

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Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 5

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Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 6

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