Dauntsey Academy Primary School

Alder Class (Year 3)

Adults in Alder Class

Miss Francis

Class teacher.

Mrs Haydon-Smith

Support staff.

Mrs Cooper

Support staff.

What will your child need?

Item needed Mon Tues Wed Thur Fri       Additional information
Reading book

Reading journals are checked on a Monday.

PE kit Please can the children wear their PE kit to school on these days and remember a PE hoody and tracksuit trousers or leggings for colder weather days.
Forest School kit

Children will need appropriate outdoor clothing for forest school which covers their arms and legs.

Water Bottles Children should only have water in their bottles – no juice, squash or fizzy. Water bottles should be taken home daily to be washed out and re-filled.
Mid-morning snack Morning snack should be fresh or dried fruit/vegetables only please – no fruit winders etc.

Reading & Home Learning

Children should be reading five times a week at home to support their reading progression. This will also boost their self-esteem and love of reading. We will be checking off their reading records on a Monday morning, but they need to bring their reading books and reading records into school every day.

Please practice times tables every week. Times tables underpin a child's ability to develop mathematically in all areas. 

Communication & permissions


Please make sure you are signed up to Seesaw. If you are not yet signed up, please contact the school office. We use Seesaw as a communication tool and digital portfolio that allows you to have a personalised window into your child’s time at school. The class teacher and your child can document any learning so that it can be shared, supported and celebrated.

Permissions Please ensure you have informed the Admin team if you do not wish your child to appear in photographs on our website or one our school Facebook page.

Recommended Reads

Year 3 Recommended Reads >>

Miss Francis' favourites are: 

  • The Sheep-pig - Dick King-Smith
  • The Abominables - Dick King-Smith
  • The Iron Man - Ted Hughes
  • The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe - CS Lewis
  • The Battle of Bubble and Squeak -  Philippa Pearce
  • Hansel and Gretel - l Anthony Browne
  • Cat Tales: Ice Cat -  Linda Newberry

Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 1

This term, Alder Class will be learning about the legacy of the people who lived during the Stone Age.

We will also be asking the question 'What are the best bits of our local area?' which is a geography based topic. We will be learning how to use different maps for different purposes, thinking about the location of Stonehenge in comparison to DAPS and learning more about the physical features of West Lavington and Market Lavington and how they have changed over time.  

Learning Web Term 1 >>

Stone Age Knowledge Organiser >>

Local Geography Knowledge Organiser >>

Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 2

We will be beginning the term by completing our local geography topic before moving on to our science topic, 'Forces and Magnetism'. We will be carrying out a variety of experiments, learning how to gather data and share it in different ways as well as learning how to interpret their findings to draw scientific conclusions. 

During the second part of the term, we will shift our focus to design technology in which we will be learning how to build mechanical devices with levers and linkages. 

Learning Web Term 2 >>

Levers and Linkages Knowledge Organiser >>

Forces and Magnets Knowledge Organiser >>

Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 3

This term, we begin our topic learning with a topic called Lights. We will be carrying out several different science investigations to help us understand how light helps us to see, learn how shadows are created and will also learn about Thomas Edison and his invention of the light bulb.

For the second part of the term, we will doing an art topic studying the work of Andy Warhol. We will improve art techniques such as drawing, painting and mixing colour.

Learning Web Term 3 >>

Light Knowledge Organiser >>

Working With Colour Knowledge Organiser >>

Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 4

This term, we are going to be learning all about the Ancient Egyptians. We will be learning about key dates, where Egypt is and what it was like to be alive in Ancient Egypt as well as finding out about artefacts and a key archaeologist. We shall also be having an Egyptian themed day as well which will include a virtual trip to the pyramids of Ancient Egypt. 

During the second part of the term, we are going to be asking the question, 'What is it like to live in France?' We will be learning about French language, daily life, culture, geographical features and about the town in France that West Lavington is twinned with. 

Learning Web Term 4 >>

Ancient Egypt Knowledge Organiser >>

France Knowledge Organiser >>

Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 5

Learning Web Term 5 >>

Textiles Knowledge Organiser >>

Architecture Knowledge Organiser >>

Alder Class Learning Journey - Term 6

Learning Web Term 6 >>

Animals Including Humans Organiser >>

Beatrix Potter Knowledge Organiser >> 

Home Learning Ideas

Shopping List Memory Game >>

Ice Cream Memory Game >>

Listen and Repeat >>

Listen and Colour >>

Memory Exercises >>