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Term 5 - Moving People



Sometimes people choose to move, sometimes this movement is forced upon them. Both can be an impact on the societies and places that they leave behind, and those they join at their journey’s end.


Human populations have always migrated. Through this topic we will be looking at the reasons people have moved throughout history and the impact is has and is still having on the world today.


For our entry point, Rowan Class spent the afternoon as refugees.  The night before the event they were given a letter informing them that they had ten minutes to pack a bag as if they were going to leave the country.  Their parents timed them to complete this activity and the children brought with them items of high value or importance.

The children walked through the mud and rain for a 'week' to reach the border to safety.  They had to duck to avoid search planes overhead and crawl through long grass to get under barbed wire.  Some refugees became 'injured' and had to be carried whilst their luggage was passed to others to carry.  Half way through this 'week', they reached a camp.  Here they were given a ball of string and four tarpaulins between 28 refugees.  With no further instructions the children split themselves into groups and constructed a make shift shelter.  To complete this experience the refugees walked some more before being searched and interrogated at the border by a guard.

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