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Term 5

Term 5


We have been continuing our topic 'The Generation Game'. We have had a visit from Miss Hawking's family and we asked them lots of questions about their lives and we asked Miss Hawking's sister questions all about her new born baby.


During forest school, we investigated how to work out the age of trees. We examined and counted the rings that we could see in the logs.

Then we measured the circumference of the tree and used our mathematical skills to calculate the approximate age of the tree.


As our topic is all about the different generations, we were given a hard boiled egg which we had to look after like a baby. We had to take great care of our eggs! We only had a few egg catastrophes.

We have been very lucky as we had a special visitor from Morrisons who taught us how to prepare baby food using fresh fruit and vegetables.

We have been learning how to draw self portraits. Alder Class decided to create self portraits using natural materials in forest school. Can you see the likeness?

In forest school, we have also been looking at the lifecycle of a leaf which we drew a diagram and labelled the different stages. We also chose a leaf and cut it in half. Then we stuck it on a piece of paper and had to draw what the leaf would look like in autumn.

In maths, we have been practising how to use the grid method to multiply numbers. We even took our learning outside and used chalk to work out lots of calculations.

We have also been learning about angles and shapes. All of the children in our class worked together in teams to create 2D shapes and then explained the properties of the shapes to the adults who were very impressed by our amazing knowledge.


Then we made 3D shapes in forest school. This was great fun!



For the exit point this term, we held a very special tea party for our parents and grandparents. We made scones, cakes and biscuits. This was a very lovely afternoon which was enjoyed by all.