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Term 1

Our topic for the next two terms is 'Chocolate'. We have had great fun so far tasting lots of different types of chocolates. When we tasted the chocolates, we used all of our senses as if we were real taste testers. 



Alder Class have looked at many different types of chocolate packaging. We have analysed the text, font, images, colours and information on the packaging.  Mrs Perrin then told us about the chocolate company which had contacted her asking us to design packaging for their new chocolate bars. They had sent us some success criteria which we had to follow to make sure our designs were suitable for the new chocolates. We had great fun doing this and we are very proud of our designs. 


As we will soon be visiting Cadbury World, we have researched the history of the Cadbury company and completed a timeline of the main events. 


We have also found out lots of information about the Aztecs and Mayans who believed that chocolate was very important and they even used it as a form of money did grow on trees!




In maths, we have been learning how to add and subtract using the column method. Alder Class have practised lots and we are becoming more confident using this method. 



During forest school, we have been learning how to make fires and how to use the fire to boil water safely. Once we mastered this skill, we have started to cook on the fire using chocolate. We have even cooked chocolate bananas. This was great fun!


Please read the learning web below for more information.